About Relay for Hope

Virtually travel across 6 African countries meet some inspirational families whose lives have been transformed by working with Send a Cow.

The event in numbers:
11 checkpoints along the way to connect to our family farmers
£13 to register is the cost of tip tap and clean hands
£60 sponsorship can provide life-saving hygiene training for one family
100s of virtual "relay-ers" to connect with via our Relay for Hope Facebook community
5400 miles from Ethiopia to Zambia


What is Relay for Hope?

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Where are the relay checkpoints?

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How can I take part?

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Pass on the relay baton

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How does it work?

Join Send a Cow’s first virtual relay event! Help us collectively travel 32,460 miles in 89 days. We’re starting at one of our projects in the highlands of Ethiopia, heading across Africa to another of our projects in Zambia, then over to Bath where Send a Cow is based in the UK, and back to Ethiopia. We will then travel back from Zambia, across Africa to reach our finish line in Ethiopia

Register to take part for just £13, which could help fund the tip tap handwasher straightaway.

Pledge to walk, run, or cycle a distance of your choice between 1st Jan and 31st March 2021.  

Raise £60 which could provide the life-saving hygiene training for one family, as part of Send a Cow's continuing response to coronavirus.

Sign up today and bring hope to a family in rural Africa.

You can join our relay by running, walking or cycling... or even a combination of all 3.

This could be as simple as logging the miles you do walking your dog, or going out for a run around your local green space.

If you're unable to leave your home (for example, if you are self-isolating as a result of coronavirus), why not try to reach 10,000 steps in your garden or inside your home. Remember, when planning your run/walk/cycle, it's important to follow all government advice on coronavirus.

Pass on the relay baton

Once you've completed your miles, pass on your virtual "relay baton" to a friend, colleague or family member to encourage them to take part! You could even create your own team for the event, to see how many miles you can achieve together.

Why the pass-it-on principle is important to Send a Cow

Passing on knowledge is fundamental to all Send a Cow projects. We ask all of our farmers to pass on a gift at the end of their work with us.

This normally involves passing on the first female offspring of their gifted animal from Send a Cow, to another family in their community. Or if the family receives a beehive, they pass on money from the first harvest of the honey that they sell at market. Our farmers also pass on the skills they learn, such as sustainable farming techniques, to their neighbours. So our work goes on multiplying.

Join our virtual journey.

We know our supporters would love to join us on an actual journey through Africa, meeting the inspiring communities we work with.

Sadly not possible in these covid times. And too expensive for many people.

But we hope you’ll feel the same sense of connection on our virtual expedition.

You can complete your relay any time before 31st March 2021

Share your experiences with our other walkers, runners and cyclists – and with us – by joining the Send a Cow "Relay for Hope" Facebook Community.

And track our collective progress on the home page.

Register to join our virtual relay across rural Africa. Walk, run or cycle any distance. Your support could provide life-saving hygiene training for one family, as part of Send a Cow's continuing response to coronavirus in rural Africa.