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I am taking part in Relay for Hope

I'm taking on the challenge of Relay for Hope, to help families in rural Africa fight hunger and the climate crisis.

Did you know, that by the second week in January, the average person in the UK will have created a greater carbon footprint than a single person in Ethiopia will account for in a whole year? Those who have contributed the least, are suffering the most from the effects of the climate crisis.

Between January and March 2022, I’ll be challenging myself to get fit, cut carbon and use my footprints for good, by walking, running, or cycling my target distance. Every mile will be joined with others to help travel 30,000 miles (that’s an incredible 60 million footprints for good!) from the UK through rural Africa as part of Send a Cow’s virtual relay.

Please donate to my challenge! Your support could help families with vital tools, seeds, and training in sustainable farming, soil health, and rainwater harvesting, so they can stand up to extreme weather and grow enough to fight hunger.

For more information or to take part, visit:

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Beautiful, brave Bezunesh - my inspiration.

Thursday 31st Mar


Thursday 31st Mar

Misssion complete!

Thursday 31st Mar

Mission complete!

Thursday 31st Mar
More than delighted to complete this challenge. And more than grateful to all my sponsors, and those cheering me on. All for Send a Cow’s Relay of Hope. And for Bezunesh xxx

24 hours and 3 miles to go!

Wednesday 30th Mar
Now I know I can do this, I’m going large on this challenge - Facebook here I come!! I will report back tomorrow, when I have completed 500 miles (on foot), and a single mile swim, over the last 3 months. All for Send a Cow’s Relay for Hope. And for beautiful Bezunesh, who opened my eyes and changed my life xxx

Covid free and back in action!

Monday 21st Mar
I am so grateful my encounter with Covid has been mild. Minor symptoms (head ache, fatigue), nothing worse. Trying to get my miles up in the house and garden whilst confined to home nearly drove me nuts. Out of isolation now and back in action though. 74 miles to go, and 11 days left (including today). This is doable and I’m going to do it! 

Another blip in the road

Wednesday 16th Mar
I had hoped to be writing “100 miles to go” today. But I have hit another hurdle - tested positive for Covid yesterday. Isolating at home and feeling tired, head ache,  no real cough at this point. Charging the Fitbit and aiming to record every step in the house and garden for the next few days if well enough. Also exploring idea of completing this journey by Wattbike if all else fails. I will do this. Just not sure how…

I’m on it!!!

Friday 11th Mar
So - with the foot 90% OK, I’m making decent progress now. 133 miles to go, 20 days to do it in. That means 6.65 miles per day.  What could possibly go wrong?! All for Relay for Hope. All for Send a Cow.  Bezunesh - I’m doing this for you xxxxx ❤️

Two months down, one to go!

Monday 28th Feb
So - February was not such a great month. Nursing my injured foot I have tried to press on, but progress has been slow. I have it all to do now, in the 31 days of March, and my foot still hurts a lot.  I will do the best I can,  and if I have a few more miles to go at the end of the month to reach my 500 mile target, I will simply have to keep going into April. Watch this space…

Past the halfway mark!!

Thursday 17th Feb
Delighted to be over the hump - more than halfway towards my target of 500 miles on foot by 31st March!!  Need to dig deep for Send a Cow’s Relay for Hope!! 🐮 

One month in!

Monday 31st Jan
222 miles down and foot injury means rest and tlc for a few days. But I will be back, I promise xxx

Warming up in progress

Thursday 30th Dec
Aiming to cover 500 miles on foot (fast walking pace) over the first three months of 2022, which promises to be a special year.  Is this possible I ask myself?  It must be - because if you try hard enough, anything is possible! Let’s see how it goes….

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Andrew Cobner


Richard Glossop


Ruth Vernon

Well done, great cause Christianne


Christianne Glossop


Lesley Griffiths

What a great idea! Good luck x


Gareth H

Well done, a great effort for a great charity!


Richard Griffiths

Despite Covid and injury your target of 500 miles was never in doubt! Well done Christianne!


Nikki Murphy

You’ve done brilliantly ! Good luck with the last 3 miles . Love Nikki and Kevin xx


Jackie Price

Another challenge? There is no stopping you! True inspiration Jxx


Richard Griffiths

Wow, a great distance covered in January! A few days rest and there should be no stopping you Christianne!


David Jackie Sneddon

Well done Christie !


Lauren Hughes

Well done you xx


Jane Brodie

Well done on the walking, a good start to the year.


Mel And Colin

Last leg Christianne - you can do it xxx


Fiona Murphy

Well done Christy! An impressive distance covered and for a great cause. Fi and Chris xxx


Nikki Hopkins


Jess, Erj And Ryker Xxxx

Amazing work Mama - so proud of you xxxx



A brilliant charity and enjoy your walks! 😊


Jackie Price

Fantastic achievement! Well done!


Annie James


Oana Georgescu

Well done! X


Steve&taryn Jones

Well done Christie


T.j.aled Edwards

Amazing commitment and effort


Susan Dennison

Great achievement for a great cause ❤️


Laura Jardine


Lisa Payne

Cheering you on ALL the way!


Sam Malone

Good luck Christy xx


Becky Murphy

Well done Aunty Christy! Love Becky and Hamish x


Jude Capper

Well done, you superstar!