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I'm taking on the challenge of Relay for Hope, to help families in rural Africa fight hunger and the climate crisis.

Did you know, that by the second week in January, the average person in the UK will have created a greater carbon footprint than a single person in Ethiopia will account for in a whole year? Those who have contributed the least, are suffering the most from the effects of the climate crisis.

Between January and March 2022, I’ll be challenging myself to get fit, cut carbon and use my footprints for good, by walking, running, or cycling my target distance. Every mile will be joined with others to help travel 30,000 miles (that’s an incredible 60 million footprints for good!) from the UK through rural Africa as part of Send a Cow’s virtual relay.

Please donate to my challenge! Your support could help families with vital tools, seeds, and training in sustainable farming, soil health, and rainwater harvesting, so they can stand up to extreme weather and grow enough to fight hunger.

For more information or to take part, visit: relayforhope.sendacow.org

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Thursday 7th Apr
Now completed 60 miles, with break for Covid!!

Thanks for this start - I'll change my target to £200

Thursday 30th Dec
Time to up the target to £200 - thanks for getting me started!

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Tony Chaplin

Well done!


Elizabeth Clark


May Bull

Thank you for doing this Elizabeth, any way we can help reduce hunger and support climate crisis is a good thing.



Well done Elizabeth putting us all to shame! Is it your cow, only kidding.