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Following on from Africa TOTO gate (please don't mention the bad dancing) and because the thought of coronavirus tearing through rural Africa is pretty terrifying, I've challenged myself to actually do some more exercise (which to those who know me well, is a big feat in itself) to try and raise some much needed dollar to support the incredible work Send a Cow are doing in the field...

Between 19th December and 19th January, myself and Millie (she's a dog) will be taking part in Send a Cow's new virtual challenge event: RELAY FOR HOPE. I'll be attempting to walk 120 miles and raise £120 - these funds could provide two families with life-saving hygiene skills and training as part of Send a Cow's continuing response to coronavirus in rural Africa.
If you can spare any pennies, I would be super grateful.
Feliz Navidad!

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Let’s try and reach £300!

Tuesday 5th Jan
Wow thanks so much for everyone’s kind support so far!

Due to being poorly over the past few days and also lockdown only permitting us outside once a day, I’m extending the completion of my 150 mile goal to the end of January.

With some extra time, I’m now aiming to reach £300, which could provide five families with life-saving hygiene training, as part of Send a Cow’s continuing response to coronavirus in rural Africa! 

New Year - new target!

Friday 1st Jan
Wow thanks so much for all of your kind donations!

Millie and I have managed to walk over 40 miles so far - another 80 miles to reach our 120 mile goal with only 18 days to go! 

We’re now trying to raise £180 which could provide three families with life-saving hygiene training and skills during COVID-19.

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Lots of love


Jilly Lynch

Lot’s of love again


Robert Mason

😉 Merry xmas Lyncho. Hope this gets you to where you need to be 😊


Julia Woolway

Well done Emily (and Millie)!!!


Paul Lynch


Anna Brook



Anna Brook



David Cartwright Forbes

Well done Emily and best of luck!


Mary Rook

Here you go Emz! Go get them tiger!!


Sarah Watson

Very well done, Emily and Millie! ❤️


Simon T

This is for Millie, by the way.



Good luck Emily. All the best for your 120 miles


Ian Hallsworth

Good luck! Ian (the other one!) x


Vicky Wilson

Well done Em and Millie-moo! Last day of your challenge and you are so nearly there! Such a great idea to kick off a new year! Sending love xx


Claire V Richmond

Great work Emily! Xxx



Good luck Millie! Will be thinking of you for your walks, amazing charity for you to support and yeah, same to Emily I guess..


Emma Nichols

Well done...keep it up! : )


Katie James

Sorry this is so late! Well done on the walking! Xx


Cate & Peter Yates

Burn off some of that pasta for us!!!!! Good luck buddy xx