Top Tips to achieve your goal

By taking part in Relay for Hope, you’ll be cutting carbon, getting fit and raising funds to help families fight hunger and the climate crisis! Thank you. Here’s our top tips on how to start your training safely, make your challenge climate friendly, and fundraise with passion!

                          Daisy, Send a Cow Supporter 

Training tips for beginners

If you’re new to running, cycling or walking for exercise, here’s some advice from the experts:

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Make your challenge climate friendly!

Ditch the car – what journeys could you walk, run or cycle instead? This could help you reach your target distance and cut carbon: that’s a win – win!
Shop local - buy organic and shop local to cut down food miles.
Buy pre-loved clothes - when shopping, try to buy sustainably by visiting vintage or second-hand clothes shops. Buying pre-loved clothes is always better for the environment, as this creates less waste.

Noria, Farmer, Zambia 

Timothy, Send a Cow Supporter

Top Fundraising Tips!

  1. Personalise your fundraising page and add a photo! Pages with photographs are also proven to receive 14% more donations.
  2. Write about your why you are supporting Send a Cow on your fundraising page; describing why you decided to take part in Relay for Hope will encourage more donations.
  3. Share your page online! Be sure to share the link to donate to your page with family, friends and colleagues; you can share your page via email and/ or via social media pages – Facebook is especially good for this!